Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting My Sexy Back

I love this YouTube video - who doesn't want to look like Angelina?!  Although I don't wear that much make-up it looks great.  If I find the time (and occassion) I'll give it a try.  I like the way we get to see the before, during and after effects of the make-up as she's applying it.

5 thoughts for today:

Shinade said...

Oh she is very exotic looking isn't she?

I think she's very sexy and attractive. I am stuck in this life time being a blond!!:-)))

symposio said...

Hi Mandi,

In reply to your request for the recipes for lamb kleftiko and potato skordalia, I already have the recipe for skordalia on the blog - Beetroot with garlic sauce (skordalia).

I'll do the lamb kleftiko as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting!

Cher said...

Wow, great post!

kel said...

She is gorgeous...even without makeup. I love youtube for makeup tips.

Anonymous said...

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