Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Busy Bee

Photobucket Apologies all round - I've been too busy trying to keep up with my life and haven't had time to blog.  I've been missing the creative outlet and so have decided to make a little time every day!  What have I been doing?  I actually don't know just running around like a mad thing keeping up with the kids.  Angel Starr is now 4 years old.  I often look at her and wonder "where did my baby go?".  She's so big and is a big ball of energy at the moment.  The only problem I'm having with her at the moment is that she's not eating well.  She seems to eat better when she's eating on the run, ie I'm running after her with a platefull of fruit or sandwiches or something healthy for her to snack on.  When she sits down to eat she has a couple of mouthfuls and then claims to be full and runs off to play again.  I think it's a problem that lots of parents have at this stage.  I suppose I shouldn't worry as long as she's eating whilst on the go.  She seems to be a ball of energy!

Sunshine is the opposite, at 7 months he's just adorable and LOVES his food.  Except for apples he's really happy to eat the mush I make him.  Because he's a big boy (11.4 kgs now) I'm not giving him porridge just fruit and veggies and 2 bottles of milk a day.  I really believe that when he starts moving his weight will sort itself out.  Actually, I was just saying to my hubby this morning that when Angel was 7 months she also ate absolutely EVERYTHING and I would never have dreamed that I'd be worried that she's not eating.  She too started out on the chubby side of things and once she started moving her weight started to normalise.  The problem with Sunshine is that he doesn't have a lot of motivation.  If a toy is out of his reach he simply yells and someone in the family will come along and give it to him.  So now the family's on strict instructions not to help him!  He gets quite frustrated but after a little while he gives up yelling and tries to get it himself.  Shame he's rather out of sorts today as he had his 5-in-1 vaccine yesterday.  I'm monitoring his fever.

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Becca said...

I know that life gets too busy! I hear you! I am glad that you are back and writing again! Your site is great! Keep up the hard work!


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