Saturday, November 8, 2008

Puppy Fat

Sunshine is 3 and a half months old and weighs 9 kgs (19.8lbs). The well baby clinic has a complete fit everytime I go there for a weigh-in. They ask me "what the hell are you feeding him". I tell them that he has a bottle of formula every 4 hours and he sleeps well at night so he's dropped a bottle. Then they calm down a bit. What do they bloody think I'm feeding him? Chocolate mousse??! The last time I went to them they told me that he was overweight and it's going to cause problems later on in life, ie diabetes, high blood pressure and all the other complications that come with obesity. "But he's only a baby!" I yell back at them. "When he starts moving around a bit more then the weight will come off!". They tell me this is not a good attitude to have. I then go on to explain that he's developing beautifully and can hold his chest up when he's on his tummy and that he's grabbing toys and stuffing them in his little mouth. He smiles and "chats" all the time. I also tell them that my daughter was exactly the same - she bulked out as a little baby and then her weight evened out. Today Angel Starr is a beautiful and slim nearly 4 year old, with perfect health. At this they calm down and tell me to keep an eye on him. Like I need to be told that! Of course I keep an eye on him, he's my son. I can't put him on diet, but obviously when he starts eating solids I will ensure that he eats good, healthy food.

So my question to you all is when did this happen? When did we (as a society) start freaking out the minute a baby of 3 months goes off the charts? A generation ago people would have called my beautiful child healthy and congratulated me on him. Today people (well maybe it's just that damn clinic!) ask me what I've done to him, what I'm feeding him and tell me that he's unhealthy and that I've created weight problems for him. I understand fully that childhood obesity (due to an unhealthy fast food/no exercise lifestyle) is a very dangerous problem. But I truly feel that it's too soon to judge a baby whose only eating formula and is just starting to exercise his little legs and arms. It will be a very sad day when they bring out diet formula for babies!

4 thoughts for today:

Dad to Two said...

Both of our children ballooned up from about that age until they were about 6 months old. It is funny to see their pictures from month to month and the four month old picture is sooo chubby. But then they start getting more active and it disappears. I think it is normal.

ModernMommy said...

I totally know what you mean. It seems like a lot of dr's and others freak out when a baby is overweight or even underweight for that matter. I know some of the parents I used to work with did start feeding their 3 month olds other foods when it was not necessary so maybe your dr. just wanted to make sure there was none of that going on.
With that being said I LOVE a chunky baby! More rolls means more to kiss and pinch!

Mia said...

My Boy Child was 20 pounds at 4 months old. I would call my pediatrician and say that he will eat 3 8oz bottles of formula at bedtime (8pm) and then sleep all night and wake at 6am. They told me to leave him be as long as he wasn't vomiting the formula I should relax and enjoy my night's sleep! He is till a big boy at 5 but he is big in size not fat. He is healthy and strong.

Groovy Baby Blog said...

He is Adorable!