Sunday, September 21, 2008

Coming up for Air

I feel really guilty for not having put up the Midweek Mommy Tips or, in fact, any posts for the last 2 weeks but I really feel like I'm only just coming up for air now. As I see it there are 2 types of children; sleepers and non-sleepers. Sunshine is a non-sleeper! These past couple of weeks I've been trying to establish a routine for him and I. I also feel that if he's eating nicely, 4 hourly during the day, he'll be satisfied and sleep more at night. It's been working but the last few days, for some reason that I can't remember anymore, he got out of routine and all hell's broken loose. Suddenly he's back to assuming that night is day and day is a great time to have long naps. As soon as I see him sleeping peacefully I feel panicky and know that I should jump into bed and have a good sleep too. But I always find something to do (laundry, Angel's breakfast, sterilizing bottles for Sunshine's next feed and the list just goes on.....) and tell myself that I'll do it quickly and then go to bed. The minute I put my head down on the pillow, Sunshine senses it and shrieks. I'm jolted awake and before I know what's happening I'm charging down the passage toward his room. This happened so much so that I couldn't even string a sentence together in speech let alone writing (seriously!!). And everything feels like a blur, I'm not even 100% sure what month we're in. It all seems like just one long day. But we're getting through it and getting back into a routine and I'll be back on track with the posts any minute now. But for now (right now!!) I've got to run, jump into bed and hit REM in 5 seconds flat or I'll be a complete Zombie (again) tomorrow.

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