Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer Holidays......are Over

My mother-in-law has come over to help with the kids during these summer holidays. It’s just way too soon for me to be on my own with 4 week old Sunshine and 3 year old Angel Starr. They’d drive me nuts! As it is, Angel Starr still needs a lot of attention and tends to get bored easily. And after having Sunshine and spending just a few days with him, I realized that I had completely forgotten how time consuming a newborn’s needs can be. The whole day is taken up with feeding, burping, changing diapers and rocking the little one to sleep. With a preschooler racing round the house it’s a completely different ballgame. I thought I’d get my mother-in-law to come over and entertain Angel Starr while I tend to the baby. However, Angel’s had enough of being pushed onto other people because “mommy’s with the baby”, so she’s changed the agenda. I spend a lot of quality time with her, while granny “entertains” the baby. It’s not the way I planned it but it’s a lot of fun and I’m enjoying bonding with my daughter. This morning we spent a good half hour or so working on a work book; coloring in the pictures, spotting the odd one out and joining the dots. Cooking and cleaning just go on hold while these bonding sessions take place. It’s been a lot of fun but, since the baby’s arrival, we’re still trying to get into some sort of routine and get used to having this new addition to the family. Once Angel’s back in kindergarten that routine will start taking form. Till then things are a little chaotic…….loads of fun but chaotic none the less.

I wrote that a week ago, and am proud to say that I have survived - everything!! I took Angel Starr to her new kindergarten today and she just loved it. I've been having sleepless nights for months about it, as I imagined her being very clingy and me having to peel myself away from a screaming child, hiding my own tears so she doesn't see how upset I am. After about 15 minutes at the new kindy she turned to me and said "bye mommy, see you later". I was rather surprised but thrilled that she feels so comfortable there.

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Lian said...

It's great that Angel Starr loves kindy. It's a real stress reliever when they don't cling and cry like you've done them wrong. Does the baby sleep often? My youngest one slept a lot and that helped tons. Gave me time to do the other stuff. Plus, I always get the older ones to help. Sometimes I feel like I'm in danger of child labor. hahahah.